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My true passion in life is travel. Then photography. Whether I'm able to get away for a weekend or a 12 month trip around the world, I've always got my camera with me. I'm currently shooting with my Panasonic Lumix FZ200 (and sometimes with my IPhone) and I absolutely love taking photos. While animals are probably my favorite subjects to shoot, I love photographing just about everything.

As an avid traveler I've been able to explore a fair bit of our globe. Upon return from my last big trip I have now visited some 84 countries & territories of the world. I've been asked by countless people what I plan to do with the 1000's and 1000's of photos I've taken on my trips, and I finally have an answer! The goal of this website is to share my photos with friends, family and citizens of the world. I plan to add new photos to the site regularly, so bookmark my website and check back in on a regular basis to explore new pictures.

Although currently an amateur photographer I'd ideally love to make a career shooting photographs, or at least enough money to fund future trips to shoot exotic locations. But for now it's back to work for me ... So if you love what you see here there's always the option to order a variety of custom made merchandise exclusively using my photographs. And rest assured if you make any purchases, as I've teamed up with Smug Mug and EZ Prints. They won't allow you to add items to your cart or buy anything (like canvasses/prints/framed photos/etc.) that won't come out looking great based on the size of my photographs. They guarantee their work or your money back. Another option is to simply download any number of photos you like, strictly for personal use. So what are you waiting for ... get shopping!

And please note, I don't fancy myself a savvy web designer. Far from it. If you'd like to provide any feedback for me please use the contact me link on the left.

Thanks for visiting, and please share my website with all of your friends, family and even a few strangers. Help me make my dream a reality by downloading and purchasing away!

map of last big trip (April 2015 - April 2016)

pics of me

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