about these photos:

I visited Malawi (aka Malawhy) for four days in November of 2015 for the first time. Unsure what to expect, Malawi delivered loads of rest & relaxation in quiet beach bungalows (an $8 upgrade per night from tent life). We had our "Bad Taste" Party here and had loads of time to ourselves to swim, swap & barter at the tiny markets, and just relax.

While witnessing Wilbur the pig's ultimate sacrifice to sponsor our pig roast was a tad sad, it's the often unseen part of what it takes to get food on the table. Loads of villagers congregated for the event yet less than a handful of us overlanders attended.

Then more relaxing. Just a stones throw away from the bungalows was Lake Malawi. The lake was spectacularly warm for swimming and the waves here were honestly bigger that anything we saw in the Indian Ocean when visiting Zanzibar. Not many photos here as it was just us and the lake. As we only scratched the surface of this unique country there are plenty of reasons to someday return ...

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