about these photos:

I visited Zambia for four days in total, first for three days in late November of 2015 then again in early December on a day trip from Victoria Falls for the first time. Our initial time in Zambia was more of a formality to get from Malawi into Zimbabwe, so no real activities were on offer. Just quiet nights at camp as we made our way south and west on the big yellow truck, taking in the scenery along the way.

Once based in Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side there were options to partake in a variety of activities on the Zambian side. Luckily for us we visited Victoria Falls at the time of year that allowed visitors to get in the falls right on the precipice. Eight of us brave souls set off early in the morning and ventured off to experience what they called Devil's Pool. We were given a safety briefing then off we went in a small boat to the top of the falls, where we next had to swim out to a little sliver of land at the top. And from there we got in the water and experienced life on the edge - literally. Just a few metres away was a nearly 100 meter (300') drop to the bottom. The views were amazing, the rush of being in the pool unforgettable, and feeling the sheer power of the water mind boggling. What they didn't tell us beforehand was that there were toe biting fish in the pool - surprise!

Having spent $20 USD on a day visa to cross into Zambia we took advantage of our time. A few of us hired a driver to take us into Livingstone for a look around and for a bit of shopping. Our guide was friendly, informative and cheap! He took us to see the massively massive baobab tree and we enjoyed time at a little hotel/restaurant on the river for a swim and some beers. We were dropped off at a resort near the border where we enjoyed a little down time by the pool, complete with visiting zebras!

Then lastly during my time in Zambia I checked into Batoka Sky for my highly anticipated twenty minute microlight flight over Victoria Falls. Weather conditions were checked and rechecked, paperwork completed, payment made and off we went. The microlight looked like a flying tricycle to me! Completely in the open air the views were amazing, and we soared high, swooped low, banked left and right and saw hippos & crocs from above - not to mention this amazing perspective of the falls from high above. What a rush!    

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