about these photos:

I visited Hong Kong & Macau in July 2015 as part of my round the world itinerary. While they are technically not countries (they are special administrative regions of China) they definitely both had a unique feel (Hong Kong with heavy British influences and Macau with Portuguese) and a lot to offer for such compact areas. I did have go through customs and immigration for each of them entering and departing, but if you get excited about new stamps in your passport you'll be disappointed - they only give you landing slips and send you on your way. 

While in Hong Kong I managed to do quite a bit in my short time. I visited Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery out on Lantau Island (which included a breathtaking cable car ride), explored the walk of stars, Kowloon Park and the city skyline at both day and night. I also enjoyed gorgeous views from atop Victoria Peak, bet on the horses at Happy Valley Racecourse, and dined on delicious dim sum (several times) at the world's cheapest Michelin star restaurant.

Macau didn't disappoint either, even though I just visited for a day trip. The ferry ride to get there was fast and painless, and there was a lot of Portuguese history, influence and food to appreciate. But truth be told the day I was there it was incredibly hot, so I spent a lot of the day indoors and patronized the lavish casinos and experienced the "Las Vegas of the East". 

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