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I visited Israel for the first time in July of 2017. The trip was booked just 2 weeks out and few plans were made in advance ... just an apartment for the first 6 nights, 3 in Tel Aviv and 3 in Jerusalem. I met up with a great friend I met on safari back in Africa and we were off ...

Tel Aviv was amazing. We were in a great location to walk to the Old Town (Jaffa) or the beach. And we ate all the hummus! Jerusalem was the next stop so we booked a train the night before and off we went. We again had a great location right next to the main market and a short walk to the Old City right on the train line. Four days were spent exploring the Old City and a day trip to the Dead Sea & Masada. Also met up with a friend's cousin for a great night out seeing things from a local's perspective. We underestimated the whole Shabbat thing when literally EVERYTHING closes so ended up sans dinner Friday night, but we did end up scoring a ride to the airport in (what we were told was the only) 1979 Rolls Royce in all of Israel!  

From there we booked domestic flights to Eilat (2 days in advance for 80€ return with bags) in the south (temps were 115+ degrees), and had some great swims in the Red Sea. While apprehensive about the Israeli/Palestinian issue it was actually a non-issue and never even mentioned.

Do note that even when traveling domestically security (all 5 layers+) was a massive presence. They checked hand and checked baggage THOROUGHLY and I was grilled again and again over past travel/passport stamps. In the end it was fantastic: great food, amazing sights, nice people and I swam in the Med, Dead & Red Seas all on this trip!  

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