about these photos:

I visited Japan in late July - early August 2015 for the first time. While I had wanted to come here for a long time I had always heard about how expensive Japan was to visit. And it was. That being said I based myself in Tokyo and explored as much as I could, as visiting for a rather short period of time getting to other cities was cost prohibitive. I guess I just need to go back someday.

In my brief time there I packed in lots of sightseeing. I booked a capsule hotel for the week and explored Ueno and Yoyogi Parks, Tokyo Tower, the world famous Shinjuku area, and I ate some truly memorable ramen and seafood. I also shopped at the original Uniqlo Store in the Harajuku district and spent nearly an entire day at Senso-Ji Buddhist temple, truly a calming place and great for the soul.  

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