about these photos:

I visited Malaysia in late August to early September 2015. This was my second visit here having explored peninsular Malaysia my first go around some ten years ago. But this visit was all about Borneo. Once I arrived in Kuala Lumpur I immediately booked flights to go and see this exotic place for myself. And it didn't disappoint.

I split my time among the city of Kuching and Bako National Park during my time on the world's third largest island. Kuching was my base to explore the orangutans, translated as "man of the forest". While unsuccessful in my first attempt to see them in the wild, persistence paid off and I was handsomely rewarded as evidenced in my photos.

Then it was off to Bako NP where I had booked into the shared jungle accommodation for three nights. Getting there was anything but easy using a mix of buses and boats in non-cooperative weather but in the end it was so worth the effort. And it was hot. That was probably the hottest I had even been in my life - the humidity is stifling and the temperatures sweltering. But I got to see what I had come for - the proboscis monkey. And I encountered several other unusual creatures there too - flying squirrels, snakes, wild boars, macaques and countless insects - good grief there were a lot of bugs & insects ...

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