about the maldives:

The Maldives are a tiny island nation in the Laccadive Sea (in the Indian Ocean) known for stunning reefs, resorts and tropical paradise. As the smallest country in all of Asia by both population and land mass you truly feel like you're in the middle of nowhere - and you are. The Maldives are comprised of nearly twelve hundred islands, and all but about two hundred of them are uninhabited. This nation also lays claim to fame for being the lowest lying nation above sea level in the world, so visit sooner than later if you can.

Upon entry into the country you sign off on a declaration form at immigration stating that you agree to adhere to the rules. While the obvious come to mind as in drugs, alcohol (although non-Muslim visitors are permitted to drink at private resorts) and pork products, did you know that dogs are banned in the entire country? Meow. And with tourism growing year after year serious issues exist regarding the trash situation. But rest assured there are still the picture perfect postcard images you've imagined, and they are spectacular.

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