cook islands - Rob Padowski

about these photos:

I visited the Cook Islands at the very beginning of my trip back in early May 2015. I booked myself into a tiny guest house and was excited to relax and truly start enjoying my year of adventures. And adventures I had. Although just twenty six square miles in size the small island was chock full of activities. 

On day two of my visit I took a driving test at the police station, rented a moped and set off to explore. I ventured to loads of tiny beaches and hidden gems, saw waterfalls and picturesque palm trees balancing delicately over the ocean and snorkeled in amazingly clear waters. I also ate loads of the freshest seafood one can imagine, hiked a large part of the island reaching the summit via lush rain forest, and soaked in traditional Polynesian dancing and entertainment at the weekly outdoor market.      

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