about africa:

Commonly referred to as the dark continent, Africa is comprised of some fifty four countries and is the second largest continent and second most populated continent in the world. Although it's the world's oldest populated continent in the world, it's sadly also the poorest.

While animals of all shapes and sizes abound, tigers as well as bears do not exist anywhere on this continental land mass. There are however loads of animals found nowhere else on earth except for this vast and varied continent, and seeing them up close and in the wild is an experience one will never forget.

Amazingly, 90% of the land in all of Africa is considered unsuitable for agriculture, 90% of all the world's cases of malaria originate here and affect it's people, and astonishingly there are fewer people in all of Africa with internet access than New York City alone.

Getting to Africa can be a tad expensive and visa costs are somewhat high, but once Africa gets under your skin there's this desire that consumes you to keep on going back to see more and more. From gorillas to the desert to lemurs to the pyramids, one can truly never see it all ... 

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